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  • Info/Apply Now process:  filling out the information does not obligate you to register. 
    • This process provides me your email to notify you of possible scholarships or other information you may want.
    • We will NOT use this information to contact you about pursuing enrollment.  I will provide you only general information about Highland.  Therefore, I will not contact you via phone.  You will possibly receive 3 emails depending on the time frame of the school year you are inquiring. One email is an automatic standard email about Highland, one is directly from me notifiying you I received your inquiry, the last will be a reminder about registration dates and/or scholarship availability.  
    • Feel free to contact me via phone or email with any questions.    Angie Pellegrin, Registrar    337-364-2273 
  • Please view the Student Handbook on our website for all Policy & Procedures... as part of applying requires signing and agreeing to the policies and procedures.

  • Enrollment stays open all school year as long as we have availability in the grade level.  

    Registration for 21-22 begins:  current HBCS student and PK3/PK4 - Monday 11/16/2020  ****  siblings of re-enrolled HBCS students, Church Members, CLC - Monday  1/11/2021  ****  Community Monday  2/8/2021 

  • Scholarship Information - No scholarships are available at this time for this school year 2020-21.  ACE Scholarships are available for students entering Kindergarten or other grade levels if coming from a public school.  They will take applications only during the month of March.  Please go directly to their website to apply.  All students registered at Highland for the upcoming school year may apply for FACTS Grant & Aid until May 15th.  Follow directions below to view more information. 

    • Admissions 
    • red box “click here”
    • top right options of Prospective Parents, Current Parents, and Scholarship Information
  • Registration for student(s) are not complete until you have done the 4 requirements below: 

  1. applied online  
  2. met with Administration (on a first come, first served basis) 
  3. paid the Application Fee (non-refundable) 
  4. set up payment plan (done at time of registering in the office)


  • Once you fill the information you will receive an automatic reply email with information about Highland.  

  • I will also send you a brief email verifying I received the information and let you know the next steps to completing the registration process if interested.   

  • The information you fill out does not obligate you to enrolling at Highland.  It helps me get information about the school to you.  If you decide to enroll I will then use the information as your application.


Contact me with any questions or concerns:


HBCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.   IRS Revenue Procedure 75-5 requires schools to keep records on the racial composition of its student body, faculty, and administrative staff for each academic year.

* Indicates a required field.

Parent / Guardian Information
  • First Parent / Guardian
  • Last Name *
  • First Name *
  • Email Address *
  • Gender
  • Work Phone
    (Ex: 999-999-9999)
  • Cell Phone
    (Ex: 999-999-9999)
Home Address
  • Street Address *
  • City *
  • Country *
  • State *
  • Zip *
  • Home Phone *
    (Ex: 999-999-9999)
  • I want to: 

  • I would like my child to begin:

  • Would you like to schedule a Parent tour of the campus with myself and/or meeting with Administration? Indicate possible Date & time?

  • Mailing address if different than street address...

  • Student resides with:

  • If parent/guardian is divorced/separated who is the domicile parent?  Please provide school with legal documentation.

  • Name of person financially responsible?

  • Person Financially Responsible Email

  • Financial Responsible Address:

  • Person Financially Responsible Phone number

  • Is the Financial Responsible Person a Highland Baptist Church Member?  An active, participating member of Highland Baptist Church is one who has all of the following:
    •  made a profession of faith and/or come by statement
    • transferred membership from previous church
    •  taken the New Members Class (2 sessions)
    •  has been baptized if not previously baptized in another Baptist church
    •  attends weekly worship services on a consistent basis        
    * Yes   No
  • How will Tuition and Fees be paid via FACTS?       

  • Are you or any person that may come to school for the student required to provide sex offender notification pursuant to the law?  Yes/No If yes, name of offender and Relationship to Student..

  • Below you will check yes or no and have a eSignature in Agreement to the following:

    • Parent/Student Contract
    • Records Release
    • Policy and Procedure Acknowledgement
    • Medical Release
    Parent / HBCS Contract
    This contract is entered into by and between Highland Baptist Christian School (HBCS) and the parents(s) listed and/or guardian(s) of student applied for.
    It is understood that upon our child’s acceptance at HBCS, we are responsible for timely payment of all fees and tuition.  Application Fee, Student Fee, and Operational Maintenance Fee are non-refundable. 
    Monthly payments are due by the 1st, 5th, 10th of each month; payments become delinquent after the 10th of each month with a late fee of $25.00 accrued.  If tuition or any other fee is not paid by the 15th of the month by 9 a.m., my child will not be permitted to attend HBCS and may return only after fees are paid. The student will receive a zero for any assignments or tests missed.  
    Refund Policy
    • A full refund of pre-paid annual tuition will be made if a student transfers out before school begins.  
    • Half of pre-paid annual tuition will be refunded if a student transfers before the start of the spring semester.  
    • No refund for pre-paid annual tuition will be given if a student transfers after the spring semester begins.  
    • If a student who pays monthly transfers from HBCS during the school year, the responsible party listed above is obligated to pay the balance of the remaining monthly payments for that semester.  
    • Student records will be held until balance on account is paid in full.  
    • Student fees as well as application fees are non-refundable for any reason. 
    NSF Policy
    • Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks are charged a $30.00 fee. 
    • Parent must log onto their FACTS account to make a payment. If this fee is not paid within 5 business days, the student will not be permitted to attend HBCS and may return only after fees are paid.
    • The student may receive a zero for any assignments or tests missed.
    • HBCS reserves the right of collection, including forwarding the check to the D.A.’s office for collection. 
    • In the event that more than two NSF checks received from the same family in a school year, all subsequent payments must be made in cash or money order.
    • Both parties agree that in the event of the necessity to institute legal proceedings to enforce any terms of this contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to be reimbursed for all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred, as well as court costs.                                                                                                                            
    Records Release
    I give permission to Highland to request records from prior school(s) and/or learning centers my child has attended in previous years. 
    Student Application/Policies: I hereby acknowledge that I have reviewed and agree to comply with: Admission Policy, Statement of Academic Responsibility, Code of Honorable Conduct, Acceptable Use Policy for Internet, Policy/Procedures for Drug Screening(Gr. 7th-12th), Chromebook Policy(Gr. 7th-12th).  These Policies/Procedures can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook at  You may contact the school as well to be emailed a copy.
    Medical Treat
    Permission to Medically Treat Student: If your child is seriously injured and school personnel are unable to reach an emergency contact, the final decision for action taken will be the judgment of school authorities. The parents/guardians give their authority to school personnel to take such action in treating their son/daughter. This includes transporting an injured or very ill child to the emergency room of a local hospital if so deemed.  


    Do you agree to the above?

    * Yes   No
  • Parent eSignature:

  • Date:

    * (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Student 1
  • First Name *
    Middle Name *
    Last Name *
  • Birthdate *
    Gender *
  • Grade Level of Interest *
    School Year *
  • Current School
  • ***  Photos of students may appear in school publications such as Highland Highlights, The Growl yearbook, and/or school’s website.  At times, The Daily Iberian or other media outlets may run photos of our students in sporting events or other school-related activities.  Do you give permission for HBCS to use photo(s) of my son/daughter?

    * Yes   No
  • Current Grade Level

  • Does student use Resources such as 504, IEP and/or etc?  If yes, please explain...Please provide a copy of your child's current IEP/504 plan with this enrollment form. 

  • Has student ever been suspended or expelled? Explain if yes...

  • Ethinicity: 

  • Race:

  • Name of the public school the student is zoned for in your parish?

  • School currently attending


    Physician Name and Number:

  • Dentist Name and Number: 

  • Hospital:

  • Does the student have a medical condition or chronic illnesses?

  • Is the student allergic to insect bites, bee stings or ant bites?

  • List any other known allergies:

  • Seasonal Allergies? Describe?

  • Does the student have: Diabetes? Asthma? Epilepsy? and explain

  • Does the student have any condition which may require frequent restroom breaks? explain...

  • Does the student have a medical diagnosis that may affect learning? ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia - explain

  • Has the student been diagnosed with a hearing impairment and/or chronic ear infections/tubes? Describe:

  • Does the student have a visual impairment or wear glasses or contacts? Describe:

  • Has medication been prescribed for the student to take throughout the year? Describe:


    Please give Information on other parent in "Family 1".... see below of "Family 2" information (if applicable)

  • Relationship to student:

  • Contact Cell Number:

  • Contact Home Number and/or Work number - indicate next to each number

  • Would Parent like to receive weekly school announcements via email? 

    Yes   No
  • Email address:

  • If multiply families... list info. for parent/guardian in Family 2?

    Yes   No
  • If yes, what is Family 2's address?

  • If applicable what is the Name of Parent 1 in Family 2

  • Relationship to student:

  • Contact Cell Number

  • Contact Home Number and/or Work number - indicate next to each number

  • Would Parent like to receive weekly school announcements via email? 

    Yes   No
  • Email Address:

  • If applicable what is the Name of Parent 2 in Family 2

  • Relationship to Student:

  • Contact Home Number and/or Work number - indicate next to each number

  • Contact Home Number and/or Work number - indicate next to each number

  • Would Parent like to receive weekly school announcements via email? 

    Yes   No
  • Email address:

  • If submitting application for more than 1 student...

    Use the same Family 1 information provided above.

    Yes   No
  • If submitting application for more than 1 student...

    Use the same Family 2 Information as provided above.  If different Family 2 fill out info. in that student profile questions.

    Yes   No
  • List Emergency Contact or Pickup Contact People:  Name, Relationship to student and contact numbers

  • Use above emergency contact/pick up list for all students applied for.  If No, indicate persons in that students questionairre section.

    Yes   No
  • Is There Another Student?
    Yes No
  • Parent / Guardian Notes